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    In early March 2003, the Virginia Department of Transportation requested approval to toll Interstate 81 from the U.S. Secretary of Transportation and submitted an application for tolling under Section 1216(b) of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21).

    TEA-21 is federal transportation legislation. It includes an Interstate Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Pilot Program that allows up to three U. S. highway facilities to qualify for tolling. VDOT requested one of those slots. In late March 2003, the Federal Highway Administration granted “conditional provisional approval” of VDOT’s tolling application, reserving one of the three pilot slots for I-81 in Virginia.

    FHWA and VDOT are working together to satisfy several requirements for final approval. Completion of the first part of a federally required environmental review of the corridor would fulfill one stipulation. FHWA also requires evaluation of the impacts of tolling.

    It is expected that federal approval to go forward with pursuing tolling as a source of funding I-81 improvements will come after the first portion of the environmental review is complete in mid-2005. This does not mean that tolls would begin to be collected on I-81 in 2005.

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    Highlights of VDOT’s Toll Application

    VDOT’s toll application states:

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